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Music is a universal language that is understood by all humans, but many of our children lose their musical ability very young simply by not being exposed to enough musical stimuli. So, how can you help your child? Expose them early and often! 

Sharp Suzuki Strings (S3) is a Suzuki violin and viola program for children of all ages under the direction of violinist Debra Terry. Based in Livonia, Michigan, Miss Debra offers private and group lessons as prescribed by Dr. Suzuki and the method he created in Matsumoto, Japan in the 1940's. For more information about the Suzuki method, please visit suzukiassociation.org.

S3 is also proud to announce that we now offer Music Together® classes! Music Together® is a music and movement class for parents and children from birth to approximately age 5. This program includes music from across the globe and enriches the lives of everyone who participates. Children love to be in and around music and they love to experience these things with their favorite people, Mom and Dad. For more information about Music Together®, please visit musictogether.com.

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New Songbook this Fall!

The first edition of our new family songbook series is here! Each song in the Fiddle collection is brought to life through colorful and engaging illustrations by award-winning artist Jaime Kim. The new book will inspire your family to play with music all week long. You'll find it helpful to learn the lyrics, as a jumping-off point for creative storytelling, and to learn more about the songs you're singing in class. Your child may enjoy snuggling with you and singing through the whole book at once—or opening to a page to tell you what song they want to sing!

About the Illustrator
Read more about Jaime Kim on her website: https://www.jaimekim.com.

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Music Together® classes are located at:

CORE Dance Academy (Formerly Deborah Chase School of Dance)
9002 Middlebelt Rd.
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