photo Miss Debra

Miss Debra Terry began playing the violin using the Suzuki method in 1980 under the guidance of her mother, Cheryl Terry, who is also a Suzuki teacher. She continued her studies with many other Suzuki teachers across Germany and the U.S. as well as in various workshops and summer institutes around Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. One of her prominant Suzuki teachers was Dr. John Kendall, who is credited for bringing the Suzuki method to the United States from Japan. Miss Debra also had some scattered lessons and group classes with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, Alice Joy Lewis, and Susan Kempter. 

Since completing her own initial studies of the Suzuki method books in 1992, she has studied privately with "traditional" teachers including Maestro Abraham Chavez (former conductor of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra), Michael Goldman (former Associate Concertmaster of the EPSO and current Concertmaster of the Las Cruces Symphony in Las Cruces, New Mexico), Dr. Walter Verdehr of the Verdehr Trio (Michigan State University), Andrew Jennings (University of Michigan and the former Concertmaster of the Flint Symphony Orchestra), and Dr. Carmelo de los Santos (University of New Mexico). She has participated in master classes with Almita Vamos, Donald McInnes, Paul Kantor, Brian Lewis, Stephen Clapp, and Simon Fischer. 

Miss Debra began teaching in 2000 and began her formal Suzuki Teacher Training in 2001. She has previously taught through the Flint Institute of Music as well as The Novi Music Center. She then started and ran Sharp Suzuki Strings from Farmington Hills, MI from August 2004-July 2007. From 2007-2014, Miss Debra completed her Long-Term Suzuki Teacher Training and worked under the direction of Susan Kempter in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Suzuki Lab School program at the University of New Mexico. This is an in-depth Suzuki teaching program dedicated to the long-term training of university students in the Suzuki method as well as giving students a deeper understanding of other methods. The program includes hands on teacher training in the group class setting as well as a mentorship program for the private lessons. Miss Debra finished her own training through this program in the spring of 2010 with a Long-Term Teacher Training Certificate for Violin books 1-10 and then became one of the mentors in the program until her move back to Michigan in December of 2014. She then resumed the Sharp Suzuki Strings program in January of 2015.

To see a full list of Teacher Training courses Miss Debra has completed, please visit her teacher profile on the Suzuki Association website here.

Miss Debra is also now a licensed Music Together® center director and a registered Music Together® Teacher. She has been attending classes with her own daughter, now 2 1/2, for 5 semesters and they both just love it. She decided that she wanted to combine her love of music and her violin and viola teaching with early childhood music and add Music Together® to her teaching offerings. Miss Debra completed her Music Together® teacher training in June, 2016 and is very excited to offer her first semester in the Fall of 2016.